John K. Moeslein

Height:  5’11”                                                                                                              

Weight  155 lbs.

Hair:  Brown                                                                                                         

Eyes:  Brown

SAG-AFTRA Member No. 10258579 



“Blindspotting” as SID

(Feature, coming 2018)

“The Cry” as JAKE TOLL

(Feature, coming 2018)

“The Astronaut” as THOMAS NICCOL

(Short, 2015)

“All Things Go” as BURT

(Short, 2014)

“Before I Die.” as JAMES

(Short, 2013)

“Control” as DAMIEN

(Short, 2013)

“Business Affairs” as TOMAS

(Collection of Shorts, 2013)

“Tomas and Jackie”

“Marcus and Natalie”

“Pete and Veronica”

“Christian and the Boss”

“The Vintage” as THE STUDENT

(Short, 2012)

“7 Minutes in Hell” as ARCHIE

(Short, 2011)

“The Annual” as MIKE

(Feature, 2011)

“Shoot-Up” as OSWALD

(Feature, 2011)



Murder in the First (TNT, 2016)



Nissan “2018 Rogue”

Samsung “Samsung Pay”

Subaru “Share the Love”

Starbucks “Perfect Catalyst”

Comcast “Sportstacular”

AdCouncil “The Day Before”




“Tom Gun Live: a Maverick’s Homage” On the Fly Productions (LA, SF, SD)

“Point Break LIVE!” On the Fly Productions (LA, SF, SD)

“Terminator Too: Judgement Play” On the Fly Productions (LA, SF, SD)



BA Motion Pictures and Television, Focus in Screenwriting and Acting

Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California


I spent four years enlisted as an Intelligence Analyst in the United States Marine Corps from 2003-2007.  Received combat training including hand-to-hand, rifle, and small arms.  Was in charge of briefing officers, requiring public speaking and presentation skills.  I am still active in recreational athletics, but have previously competed in wrestling, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and indoor rock-climbing among other sports.  I own a motorcycle and have a valid M-1 license. I also have a current passport.

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